Renfrew Community Association dedicated this site in memory of a young man

Jason Peter Holt

Since the age of 4 years old, Jason participated in many sports within the community.
At 5, he tried his hand at hockey and felt quite natural on the ice. His first year Jason was awarded his first trophy… “Goalies Best Friend”, for he was always in the net, protecting the goaltender.
He then took up goaltending and played many great games, and stopping his share of penalty shots during some crucial games. His team-mates remember the excitement of many games and how proud they always felt whether it was a win or a loss, it always came down to how well you play the game.
Give the game your best… that’s all you can do.
Jason loved his hockey and wore his #1 jersey with pride.

“To remember Jason for those who knew him will keep him alive in our memories forever, and for always, he will be forever young.”